About bee beauty

Who we are?

The color of Bee is the color of your dreams.
Bee is one of the most valuable creation of this world.
Bee brand represent make up production that also has medicinal aspect.
This production for the first time produced at Store Department and make up Cosmetic Company, they are also restricted Red Of View Laboratory that takes place in Italy.


Outstanding Foundation with HONEY

This long-lasting product containing mineral natural and organic honey that is the best nourishing for skin and also high covering without any detriment in your skin .
Bee beauty foundation is one of the new prescriptions medicinal from Italy also high professional make up product.
This particular product has power full color that cause fading the tiny lines in your face and represents freshness to your skin.

Powder Make Up

Bee beauty powder makeup stand on organic material that create thoroughly coverage on your skin.
This product without obstructing the tiny skin holes or making a artificial look represent even and natural make up for you.
Bee beauty powder make-up talk free has more than 98% pure material and also with world manner and completely absorbed to your skin.